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Burger Shop Maker



Starting your own business can be intimidating, especially if it’s in the food business. Even something simple like making burgers can turn out to be harder than it looks. But with Burger Shop Maker, you can start creating your own burger business without worrying about other things.

Prepare orders that your customers request, creating their burgers and supplying them with drinks. Make sure you pay attention to the orders and don’t make mistakes, or your customers will be dissatisfied.

Don’t take too much time either, or your customers will leave because you aren’t paying attention. Balance speed with accuracy as you try to remember which customers to prioritize.  Get it wrong and you lose customers faster than they arrive!

Go through all the steps of preparing burgers, refining your skills as you progress. You must get faster, as customer orders will become more complex, and you must match their orders perfectly or your business will suffer.

As you earn more money, you can grow your business and be more efficient. It will be difficult to keep up with growing customer demands if you don’t upgrade, and you must stay ahead of your customers.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Start your own burger business with low investment and begin right away.
  • Get your first customers and start learning the ropes of burger preparation.
  • Increasing difficulty as customers start coming in with increasingly complex orders.
  • Make business decisions to grow your business and make it easier for yourself.
  • Learn to balance speed and accuracy to keep your customers happy.

Anyone who is planning on opening a burger business and wants a management game should download Burger Shop Maker today!

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