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Cooking Game,Sandra’s Desserts



Sandra is an icon in the pastry world, and she needs some help to get through her day! What she needs is a quick and smart assistant to complete her grocery shopping and baking. There are plenty of tasks to do, and that’s why Sandra is asking for the perfect layer to give her the help she needs. She will teach her secret recipe for the most delicious sweets, so it’s a win-win for everybody!

Shop with Sandra
Pastry chef Sandra creates famous delicacies, but she needs help with the first hurdle: shopping for ingredients. Players accompany her to the store to buy the items she needs for her creation. Sugar, butter, and some other products on her list are on the shelf. Pick them up, take them through the scanner, and pay for the groceries before heading back to the baking station.

Bake with Sandra
In the kitchen, the first thing to do is prepare the ingredients for the recipe. Sandra will indicate what product to put into the mixture step by step. Players only need to follow her instructions to create the perfect pastry to put in the oven. Wait for a few seconds, and presto! The cupcake, cheesecake, or éclair is now ready for the next step.

Decorate with Sandra
Make the baked goodies more drool-worthy by adding the best decorations available. Flower icing, fruits, flavorful syrup, and sprinkles are among the options on the menu. Players can also choose the cake stand to use to make the finished product more presentable.


  • Go grocery shopping with Sandra to buy ingredients for her pastry orders.
  • Get a real shopping experience by scanning and paying for every product.
  • Learn how to correctly create the dessert using ingredients from the store.
  • Put your cake decoration skills to the test.
  • Take a screenshot of the final pastry creation and share with the world!

Future bakers are in for a treat as Sandra takes an apprentice under her wing. You can become a great pastry chef like her when you download Cooking Game, Sandra’s Desserts right away!

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