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Cooking Ice Cream Cone Cupcake



Who knew that an ice cream cone and a cupcake go well together? This pastry chef’s dream is achievable when playing this game. It’s a sweet cooking game that teaches how to swap regular cups for cones and create an all-edible cupcake! This creative pastry combines two favorites in one and includes a thrilling time-based mini game to make the app more exciting overall.

Shop and Sort
There’s no making this special dessert without going grocery shopping. Head to the store and pick up every ingredient needed on the list. The products to buy are displayed at the bottom of the screen, making this task super quick and easy. When everything is done, players can proceed to the kitchen to experience the real deal!

Prepare and Bake
With every ingredient available, it’s time to make the cone from scratch. Create the batter according to the instructions and mix using the electric mixer. On the pan, fry pancake-like portions until golden brown. The next step is fun: twist it into a cone, place it on the baking pan, and pour the cupcake mix. Then, wait for it to be cooked. Top it with icing and drizzle with syrup before serving.

Restaurant Edition
A time-sensitive mode is available in-game for players who want more thrill to cupcake cone creation. Manage a dessert-making joint by fulfilling customer orders before the timer runs out. Players must serve the correct cupcake coin before sending it out to the client. Every correct order earns precious points!


  • Learn the ingredients of the cupcake cone and prepare them for mixing and cooking.
  • Create the cone cups from scratch and put them on the tray for cupcake filling.
  • Bake and decorate the cupcakes to make them look more mouth-watering!
  • Follow the steps in creating cupcake cones via the conveyor belt.
  • Race against the clock and win points for quick assembly and correct orders.

The Cooking Ice Cream Cone Cupcake game is your next favorite app as a future pastry chef. Click Get right now to start baking!

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