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Doll House Decoration



Fill all rooms of the doll house with charming fixtures and get to live the interior designer’s dream! Starting with an empty space, players can follow a theme of their choice and create the best aesthetic for the room. This tiny abode can transform into anyone’s dream house complete with beautiful furniture and decorations.

Select the Floor Plan
Players can pick the type of doll house to adorn, with varying numbers of rooms and roof designs. Select a suitable floor plan for the theme in mind and get decorating! These two-story doll homes require love and care to create the most stunning designs. The eye-candy exterior leads to spacious rooms, and designers are free to assign every quarter as a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and more

Fill the Rooms
Each room in this lovely doll house is a canvas waiting for the artist to fill it in! Designers have the freedom to choose the color, furniture, appliances, and overall aesthetic of the space. With so many options to explore, players can even select windows and lighting to liven up the room. It’s possible to set and edit multiple times until the best design is achieved!

Easy Controls
Players can easily nudge every added item in any direction thanks to the simple and straightforward controls. It also comes with a zoom-in and zoom-out function, as well as buttons for size adjustment. It’s full of customization keys to ensure that every design is personal, unique, and truly a standout!


  • Choose the doll house layout and get decorating!
  • Select the furniture, windows, lighting, and other fixtures for every room.
  • Use the color picker wheel to assign different themes and color combos for the space.
  • Simple controls to edit object size and position.
  • Save the design and take a photo of the final look!

You can play this Doll House Decoration game anytime and anywhere on your mobile device. Now, that’s a great way to sharpen your design skills!

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