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Emily at the Amusement Park



Want to spend time in the amusement park? Well, it’s right there available at your fingertips! Emily at the Amusement Park is a game-cum-voyage where players can spend their whole day enjoying rides and playing entertaining games. They can either play along or play with to win prizes.

Take Part in Various Activities

In this game, players can conduct all types of activities, such as shooting the balloons, throwing the rings on rewards, and going on Gondola rides. These things are usually pretty common at a real-life amusement park and players will certainly enjoy and keep themselves busy trying out all these things.

Try Out the High Striker

There is one activity for which many people like visiting the amusement park and that is to try out the “High Striker”. But now, you can easily get the chance to try it out through this game. This game is all about how strong you are and its perfect activity for you and your group of friends to try it out.

Have a Taste of the Cotton Candy

With all the fun and excitement at the amusement park, people will certainly feel hungry or need a small break. In the game, players will get the chance to try out delicacies, such as the cotton candy, which will certainly increase their energy to try out other games and rides at the amusement park.

All these activities are unique and something worth remembering. Make sure to enjoy your time at the amusement park by completing tasks and prizes. But you will also come across many features of Emily at the Amusement Park to enjoy:

  • Has fun and cheerful background music
  • Players can choose the activity they wish to try out
  • Explore all the game stalls
  • Go on an exciting Gondola ride

Emily at the Amusement Park will run perfectly on both tablets and smartphones and the downloading process will just take a few minutes. Download Emily at the Amusement Park and spend some leisure time at the park!  

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