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Home Decoration Game



Getting to build and decorate a dream house is the goal for many aspiring interior designers. This game is here to fulfill that dream—creating a home that boasts a picture-perfect aesthetic! Through this app, players can fill up the empty rooms one by one, designing every space as they go. It comes with a great selection of furniture and lighting to fill up the interior.

Choose a Home
The game opens to a collection of houses with varying floor plans. Players can choose a suitable home style and immediately start designing! The two-story houses have several empty rooms that need to be prepared for occupancy. The homes range from traditional to modern and even a castle-like façade—but everything is eye-candy!

Decorate the Home
The designer’s skill is put to the test as the next step awaits. Furniture like beds, cabinets, and tables need to be mixed and matched in each room. Players can choose a specific theme for the home to make it look aesthetically better. Add fixtures and appliances like lamps, bathtubs, television, and more to bring personality to the room. Occupants and their pets can also be selected from the menu!

Free Mode
Feeling a bit more creative? Players can choose the ‘free mode’ and start building a dream house from scratch! Starting with an empty yard, the room and roof style can all be selected from the menu. Once the interior designer is satisfied with the floor plan, they can add furniture and other items to transform the empty spaces into cozy homes.


  • Select the preferred house design and start decorating from the get-go!
  • Choose the furniture and decorative items for every room.
  • Impressive zoom-in, zoom-out, furniture resizing, and other controls for better customizability.
  • ‘Free mode’ is available for players who want to build their ultimate dream home.
  • Save the final design and share the photo with friends online.


This Home Decoration Game lets you picture the lovely home you want in the future. Play it right now to take a step closer to your dreams!

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